The starting pistol for Arcturon was fired during autumn 2004 by fourteen-year-old guitarist Florian Moritz and drummer Samuel Fischer in the Swiss village Reigoldswil. Their first success was the release of their Demo CD named "Breaking Walls" in 2006. Shortly after, they were able to get a slot for the Metalfest Tour 2007, where they opened the evening for Six Feet Under, Nile, Finntroll, and Belphegor at the Z-7 in Pratteln. The band had to deal with permanent line up changes until 2009, when Aljosha Gasser and Yanick Vernet joined the Band as new front man and bassist. Shortly after, Samuel Fischer came back to the band after a break of 4 years, to record their first full length album "The Eight Thorns Conflict" at the Swedish Abyss studio with Jonas Kjellgren (Hypocrisy, Scar Symmetry, Sonic Syndicate).

With this self-released album, the band went on tour through Europe together with Rotting Christ and Omnium Gatherum. After a very active live year, where the band also played festivals like the Rock The Nation Metalfest or the Summerbreeze Festival, Yanick Vernet left the Band and Samuel Fischer joined them as a new bass player.

In July 2012, the band went back to Sweden to record their second album "An Old Storm Brewing" again with Jonas Kjellgren. Amazed by the result, Supreme Chaos Records signed the band. SCR released the new album in January 2013