BLEEDING RED from Spraitbach, Germany was brought to life in 2006 by 18-year-old Timo Joos (Vocals, Guitars) and 16-year-old Michael Müller (Bass) by asking Timo's 12-year-old brother Fabian to join them on the drums. So they started rehearsing their favourite songs. In May, the band got completed with 18-year-old Manuel Waible, who played the rhythm guitar ever since. Their young age changed nothing to the fact that they mastered their instruments and didn't have to hide from more experienced colleagues when it comes to songwriting. With their mixture of everything the three main genres in extreme metal have to offer, they create their sound which lives by demonic athmosphere, melodic lead guitars and extreme drums alike. BLEEDING RED manages to melt the styles to their own form of Blackened Death Metal and turn every concert into a real inferno. Very quickly a loyal fan base formed, of which many newcomers would be proud of.