The last Hangmen offer a fine blend of Death, Thrash and Black Metal spiced up with tons of catchy melodies. Yet they keep it true, stricly resingning trendy stuff as clean vocals or a cory sound. Instead you can expect a whole lot of blastbeats, leads that give you shivers and harsh yet understandable vocals. Since 2009 this Outfit keeps spreading justice all over Germany and already shared the stage with bands like Eluveitie, Amorphis or Alestorm. They released their first assault on your ears in 2011 called Servants of Justice. Restless and hungry they worked on more material and released their second album Executing Empires already in 2013. Both LPs were mixed and mastered in Victor Santuras Woodshed Studios, where he already brought the sound of bands like Obscura, Dark Fortress or Tryptikon to perfection. If you are a fan of bands like Dissection, Kalmah, Dimmu Borgir or the really old stuff of Children of Bodom, risk an ear and you won't regret it!